In the course of my PhD, I have taught two different courses and worked as a teaching assistant for a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses.

Below is a list of courses I have taught or been a teaching assistant at Queen’s Economics Department. My teaching philosophy is briefly summarized here.

I am currently working on a gamified macroeconomic course concept. I discuss here a previous prototype and how I think experiential learning can be part of an innovative and appealing curriculum.

Courses Taught

Econ 250: Introductory Statistics (2018,2019) [Syllabus]
Econ 223: Macroeconomic Policy (online) (2020,2021) [Syllabus]

Teaching Assistantships

Econ 855: Mathematical Economics (2020)
Econ 853: Applied Econometrics (2019, 2020)
Econ 851: Econometrics II (2018)
Econ 850: Econometrics I (2017)
Econ 817: Advanced Macroeconomics II (2021)
Econ 255: Introduction of Mathematical Economics (2016, 2017)